November 7, 2022

Hannah Fromont

Your Wedding Group Photos Guide

Group photos on your wedding day can be like herding sheep. If you are organised with the photos that need to be captured then it helps to make it a lot easier. I am here to help you as best I can with avoiding the mistakes that most people make. I have put together a little checklist for you to use as a guide for planning out your own group photos.

First up, the big group photo

If you have time, definitely snap a big group shot! It is always a good idea to get this photo straight after the ceremony once you have given some of your guests a hug. that way everyone is still paying attention and there aren’t any champagne glasses in peoples hands or lying on the ground.

Some shots are:
– Group photo
– Fun group photo

Family shots

Family photos are the ones that matter the most when it comes to group photos. they are usually the easiest group photos to do as your family can generally organise themselves. However you they can start to become quite complicated if you are wanting to add in lots of extended family. I would recommend keeping the family photos in smaller groups if you can.

Shots to add:
– Partner 1’s Grandparents
– Partner 1’s full family
– Partner 1’s parents & siblings
– Partner 1’s parents
– Partner 1 & 2’s parents
– Partner 2’s grandparents
– Partner 2’s full family
– Partner 2’s parents & siblings
– Partner 2’s parents

People who made a big effort

One of the best things about your wedding day is looking out into the crowd to see all of your friends and family there to celebrate the biggest day of your life with you and knowing that they are there because they love you! They may have travelled from near or far but knowing that they have made a really big effort to be there. Make sure you get a photo with those who have put in a special effort to make it to your wedding day.

Shots to add to your list:
– Your best friend
– Any friends or family that have travelled from overseas
– Your pets
– Kids that were a part of the ceremony
– Someone who played a really big part in your wedding day
– The person you get to do a reading during your ceremony

Your Pals!

Whether it’s your friends from high school, a sports team or even a uni group, make sure you get a photo with them too! Having a few photos with your friends are always a really special thing to be able to look back on. If you have time, definitely try and add these photos in.

Shots to add:
– High school friends
– Sports group
– University group
– Old flatmates
– Work mates
– The boys
– The girls

How to get the group photos to run smoothly

Write up your checklist, send it to three people (a close friend/family member, your photographer, & your MC). Get your MC or close family member to help round people up and keep the photos on track and to what is on the list. Make sure that the person that is incharge of getting the group photos organised knows who most of the guests are.

I hope you have found this useful and your group photos are smooth and easy! If you would like to book with me, head over to my contact page and I can’t wait to talk more.

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