September 22, 2022

Hannah Fromont

What to expect for your Rotorua Maternity Photography Session

Maternity photography is all about celebrating the beauty of pregnancy, allowing you to look back on just how beautiful you looked (even if you didn’t feel very glamorous!), and to truly appreciate your amazing body.

On a maternity Session with Rose & Co Creative you can expect to have fun. I like to play some music and just have a conversation with you guys while I snap some beautiful shots.

I will put you into poses that really show off your baby bump and make you feel beautiful. Don’t worry, I wont be putting you into poses that make you feel awkward and then asking you to smile and say cheese. WHat I like to do is put you in a pose and then give you. or your partner a prompt which will create a candid reaction and that is the shot I will capture.


I usually like to have two photo locations if I can so that we can get some different looks for your photos. Recently I captured a maternity session where we started off at the Redwoods in Rotorua and then moved out to the Blue Lake. Both of these locations gave a really different look to the photos.

What to wear

The Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses not only photograph beautifully, but they are also super comfortable. A long dress will give you lots of options to show off your bump and help create gorgeous movement in the photos.

Form Fitting Clothing
A pregnant body should be celebrated and what better way to show off those gorgeous curves than a tight bodycon style dress. Tight clothing that really defines your bump is a great way to pay tribute to your pregnant self.

Single colours
You and your bump are the stars of these photos, and should take priority in these photos. Sometimes prints and patterns can be overwhelming and distracting. If you feel like solid colours are too boring though, feel free to accessorise with some bold colours. A necklace or a scarf can add some colour without being too distracting.

Textured Clothing
I am a HUGE fan o textured clothing in photos as they add dimension to your shoot without being too distracting. Try something like lace, it is a great option that photographs beautifully and is very feminine. Knitwear is also another great option, especially if it is cold! Texture is a great alternative to a print or a pattern.

Have 2 outfits for your Maternity session

I always recommend bringing along a couple of different outfits to your session. That way if you are undecided about what to wear, then have two looks prepared for your maternity shoot. You can bring a casual outfit and a dressier option. This will give you more of a variety of photos to use.

If you are bringing your family along to join you or your photoshoot, always pick your outfit first and then get them to wear something that compliments your outfit. Simple is sometimes the best option.

Bring along your partner and kids

Bring your family along for your shoot too! I love including the family in maternity sessions. I always take some photos of all of you together and then take only you away for some solo photographs. Feel free to bring your furry friend too! If you do bring your dog though I do encourage you to bring along some treats too.

Comfort is still important

Of course, you want to look perfect in your photos, but don’t torture yourself by picking uncomfortable clothing, shoes, or pieces inappropriate for the weather. Your comfort and joy will show through in your photos, and help make the photoshoot experience as fun and memorable as the actual photos.

Consider Clothing Color for Outside Locations

Make sure you dress for the season too! Choose your outfits based on the season and location. Softer hues look amazing in spring/summer. Colors like white/ivory, blush pink, and neutrals complement the warmer weather. For cooler months, you can opt for more Autumn/winter colors such as red wine, mustard yellow, and emerald green. Picking your colors based on the season will help create a beautiful contrast with the landscape.

How do you book?

To book a maternity session with me, all you need to do is click here and fill in my contact form and I will be in touch with you in 24hrs. I can’t wait to hear from you, let’s create some magic together!

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