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I am obsessed with two things in life - Adventuring and taking photos of those in love. If I can combine  those two things together you can bet I will be beaming the entire time!

When I first started out taking photos I had this passion for capturing emotions - the real and raw moments. As I captured them I then showed the subjects in the photos and watching their reaction to a moment they had no idea was being captured stuck with me. Just the sense of emotions and awe I could see in their eyes they could see that's truly what they were like.

When I shot my first wedding I could see that those moments were all around me. Everyone was laughing, crying, and smiling and it was at that moment I knew I was into weddings and capturing them for all the feels that they bring. 

On your wedding day, you can bet I will be capturing as many moments and emotions as I can. I want to capture your day to make you FEEL those same emotions you felt on your wedding day.

Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer 

"There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!"

I don’t like to put my couples in extremely posed photographs. During our time together you won’t be forced into un natural poses and asked to awkwardly say cheese.

On your day I will just guide you into what looks best and then from there that is where all the candid shots and fun happens. I genuinely want you to feel relaxed and just enjoy yourselves - your wedding day should be fun!

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

I love capturing deep connections, ones that as soon as you look at the images all of your feelings will flow. My motivations are capturing emotions and love. No two people share the same love which means that every couple I photograph is slightly different and this fills me with so much Joy.

You can bet that I will have a tear rolling down my cheek as I am capturing the father walking the bride down the aisle. I will lose my breath when I see the bride for the first time. That is why i love my job so much. I am literally there for some of the most beautiful and heartwarming moments.

The emotion that you feel on your day, that is what I want you to remember and cherish. Your wedding day will be so beautifully captured for you to relive the day for years and generations to come. 

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat

On your wedding day I can promise you that I won't only be your Photographer, I will also be your best friend, champagne glass filler, helper and your comedian.

My style of photography is candid and emotive. I don't like to force my couples into poses, instead I like to let you move in a way that feels natural to you so when you receive your photos the moment in time is what you will remember and not the awkward pose that your photographer put you in.

I achieve these photographs through playing music and having a conversation with you. That way I get to enjoy good music and learn some more about my new friends I am photographing.

On your big day I will ensure the day flows smoothly, because i've had a fair bit of experience at other weddings. I will arrive on your day as early as you need me and will be there to capture the mother-of-the-bride and the bridal squad helping the bride get ready. Or the groomsmen sneaking a few drinks to calm their nerves. 

I will turn up after one too many coffees, buzzing with energy to capture one of the most important, memorable days of your lives, and I won’t miss a moment. 

Adventure and travel is at the heart of everything I do.

When I am not shooting weddings, you will find me spending time with my partner and dogs, or somewhere in NZ climbing a mountain. I am a sucker for a mimosa at anytime of the day, with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

My favourite things to do are enjoy the simple pleasures, like waking up and watching the sunrise with a warm coffee in hand. I also adore travelling around in my van with my surfboard and living the vanlife.

I am in love with Landscape photography and you will see that in my spare time this is what I photograph to keep me inspired and my creative juices flowing. It gives me an excuse to spend my weekends outdoors too, which I LOVE!

If you and your partner are wanting to elope anywhere in NZ I can promise you I will be there with bells on to capture your moments.

That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too!)”

April, 2022

Hannah is absolutely incredible! She made my wedding day so enjoyable and went above and beyond for us. The photos she took are absolutely amazing and we couldn’t be happier. So glad we chose her for our special day!

Jordan & Ricky

may, 2022

Regan & Fraser

Hannah did such an amazing job of capturing our special day. Highly recommend her!

March, 2020

Natalie + Paul

Not only do you get the most incredible gallery of photos, you get Hannah! The perfect package of professionalism, personality and quality. Why would you want anyone else to capture and share your special day.


Favourite quote:
Fill your life with experiences, not things.
Have stories to tell, not things to show.







February 2020

The Boat Shed, Wellington

June 2022

Queenstown, New Zealand

March 2020

Te Miro, New Zealand 

April 2022

Cambridge, New Zealand



No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.